This is the fourth and final segment of “How’d We Get Here?” We are now exactly two weeks out from our departure date and anticipating great things from God. Please continue to keep up to date with us on this blog and support us through prayer and encouragement. We need a lot of that right now. Thanks for reading!

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As fun and exciting as it’s going to be traveling and living in a new place, I don’t want to act like this has been an easy journey or that we don’t realize how we will make mistakes and run into difficulty. Yes, we are stepping out in faith and obeying what God has called us to do. Yes, we are very excited about all the possibilities that await, but no one said following God would be easy. Then again, no one said parenting was easy—but is it worth it? Of course. And so is pursuing God.

I want to go back and stress the point of having vision. If we are stuck in the day to day busyness of life and unable to see beyond our current circumstances, we lack vision. If we lack drive, motivation, and hope, chances are we have no vision. Our vision for our life and the lives we influence has to be about something beyond ourselves. It really requires us to seek God and His wisdom, because He will lift us up to a higher perspective. We will begin to see past our troubles and begin to understand what it is we are fighting for and moving towards.

I believe we get stuck when we’re not able to see beyond the “breakers” (using an analogy of going out to sea) of our current circumstances. I guess, in the end, my vision is all about seeking God and His purpose for my life. “Seek first the Kingdom of God”. The more we seek God, the more we find what a good, trustworthy Father He is. We begin to believe His promises and that He only has good for us. His love and goodness motivates us and gives us the courage to take on anything that gets in our way. Not only that, but He strengthens and empowers us to fight the obstacles.

Speaking of obstacles, I cannot stress enough how our biggest obstacle is between our ears. It’s not our crazy toddler, our disrespectful teenager, our lack of money, our husband, or whatever. Our biggest obstacles are the lies we believe about God, ourselves, and others. It’s the fear of man, the fear of failure, the fear of loss. It’s our unforgiveness, unrepentance, and woundedness that we haven’t taken to God. It’s our unwillingness to take responsibility for our needs, desires, and expectations. It’s our instinct to blame everyone but ourselves. It’s our mentality that we don’t have authority over our lives. It’s our inability to set boundaries and stop allowing others to control us. It’s our unwillingness to submit our lives to God. It’s our pride. It’s our hardened hearts. It’s our unbelief of how great and loving our God is. It’s our love of comfort and fear of risk. It’s hoping in anything other than God.

Anything that gets our eyes of Jesus is working against you and your vision.

(Sorry for the abrupt ending. Sometimes that’s how my journaling is.) 🙂