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To go back just a little way, God had also been preparing our hearts, our marriage, and our relationships with our kids. A couple years ago, God really got a hold of my heart. The necessary ingredients were a small, trustworthy group of friends with whom I could be raw, honest, and vulnerable; certain books that shed light on my particular issues; continued prayer and Bible-reading; and daily alone time to listen to God. Through all of this, God revealed some deep heart issues and I began a journey of transformation and freedom.

The freedom and healing I began to experience began changing my important relationships including my marriage, my relationships with my kids, and my relationships with friends. God began to show me where I had unforgiveness, resentment, and wounding that was still affecting me and the people around me. He showed me where I had uncommunicated expectations of my husband, my kids, and other family members.

Through grieving, repenting, forgiving, and any other act of obedience God was requiring of me, I began seeing more and more freedom. My marriage was getting stronger, I was gaining more confidence in my parenting, I was connecting more deeply with friends, and even the relationships with my parents were changing—all because God was changing my heart.

How Did We Get Here? part 3