Many of you have reached out to me and Josh the past couple months wondering how we are doing. Some of you have apologized for not keeping up with my writing, as though you have missed something. The fact is, I just haven’t really been sharing or blogging.

The last thing we shared was that we were leaving Redding. At the time, we didn’t really share why we were leaving. It wasn’t that anything was wrong; in fact, leaving Redding was very, very difficult for us. We had to say good-bye to our amazing church and, even more difficult, we had to say good-bye to some truly wonderful friends we had gotten to know that past year. I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude as many of our friends surrounded us with prayer and encouragement at our going away party. I left Redding in tears.

That being said, it was time to leave. God had brought us to Redding for a season—a very short season— and now it was time to leave. As much as we tried to get planted in this city—attempts to find work and buy a house—God wouldn’t let it happen. So, we left with a plan of where we were heading, but of course God changed all that. Without going into much detail, we are now living in Southern California. Whether this is temporary or permanent is still up in the air.

I guess the reason I haven’t been writing is because my family is in a very vulnerable position in this season. I had this picture of being in a cocoon, hidden away from sight. The thing about a caterpillar’s transformation is that it gets really messy in the middle. A caterpillar’s body is actually digested by enzymes inside the cocoon or chrysalis before it begins its miraculous metamorphosis. Icky. No one wants to see that.

Close friends know what we’re going through, but we’re not really ready to share the details of this part of our journey with everyone… yet. And that’s ok. Although things look murky and muddy right now, I have hopes that God is doing something mighty and miraculous in our lives and that He will bring an amazing testimony from this season.

So, sorry that I haven’t been sharing much. This is the first time I felt comfortable putting anything out there. We are still on this faith journey and still in need of your prayers and support. For all of those who have kept up with our journey, thank you. My family has been beyond blessed by your prayers, encouragement, and gifts.

As for my writing, I’m not calling it quits. God spoke to me in the past that this is something He wants me to pursue. It’s a gift He’s given me and a desire He’s put in my heart. Even though I’m not writing much this season, there will come a time where I will be able to write more frequently. In the meantime, I’m focusing on myself, my marriage, and my family.