We’ve all seen the movies and television shows that portray childbirth as this horrible, painful experience. After many hours of intense contractions and labor pains, the mother then has to endure the experience of an 8-pound child being birthed from her body. This usually results in screaming, crying, cursing, and the occasional strangling of her husband, who sits by her side like a deer in the headlights.

But does it have to be that way? Is this the way God intended childbirth to be? According to Katie from Youtube’s The KT Files, it doesn’t have to be!

I first met Katie back when our families both lived in Alaska. We both felt the call of God on our lives to move to Redding (at separate times), where we’ve had more opportunity to connect and get to know each other. Since being in Redding, Katie has been able to delve into her passion of family life and parenting. Her videos on the topic of supernatural childbirth have become her most popular.

After Katie read Jackie Mize’s “Supernatural Childbirth” during her first pregnancy, her eyes were open to a new world. This book claimed that she could contend for a pain-free pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If this is possible, why haven’t we all been taught this?

I think some of the misunderstanding comes from Genesis 3:16 where we read that the curse upon Eve for her sin would be pain in childbirth. As Katie points out, though, we are no longer living in the Old Testament. Jesus’s death and resurrection changed everything. The curse of the law was broken through His death, so we are no longer living under the curse of pain in childbirth!

After reading the book and praying into her own pregnancy and delivery, Katie herself experienced her own supernatural childbirth! As Katie explains, delivery was still taxing and intense, but there was no pain, no yelling, and no cussing. Incredible!

On top of having no pain, Katie prayed very specific prayers for her labor and delivery. And God answered all her prayers! She mentions that her second pregnancy was a little different. She prayed specific prayers about when and where she would like to give birth, but God answered Katie’s prayers differently than she asked for. But God is so good and knows all the details of our lives. The way in which her second supernatural childbirth occurred was exactly the way God intended. As Katie points out, God knew the inner workings of her heart and addressed all her concerns.

Check out the stories of Katie’s first and second supernatural childbirth below.


Katie explains that, for whatever reason, not all women experience a pain-free childbirth, even after much faith and prayer. There are no answers for this, but what Katie can say is that, no matter what we experience in our pregnancy and delivery, it’s better to believe and contend for what God has given us access to than to go into this experience with fear.

In the end, it’s better to go into our pregnancies and childbirth knowing that God is with us and He will protect us through it.

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