I’m starting this blog mainly to have an outlet for writing. I love to write and am constantly jotting down thoughts in my journals that I carry wherever I go. My writing is usually centered around God, parenting (I’m a mother of three), and relationships. Although I am on a life-long journey for God’s truth, none of my writing should be taken as inerrant. I accept that I will always be in the process of sanctification and growth and, therefore, my ideas and thoughts may change. I will make mistakes. I will say things that may not be “theologically correct”, but I invite you on my journey nonetheless.

What I ask of you is a heart of understanding and receptivity. I desire for this to become a community of mutual learning and edification. I have no desire for argument or debate, so comments I view as being disrespectful and argumentative will be deleted. On the other hand, I invite questions for further discussion and understanding. If you don’t understand something I have written or you need further explanation, please ask! Again, I don’t want to act as though I have everything figured out. I want this site to be a judgment-free zone where we all have the freedom to discuss life and ask questions.

I’m honored you would take the time to enter into my world and read my ramblings. Thank you and enjoy!