Bill Johnson recently stated that when we seek first the Kingdom of God, our lives are transformed from a natural one to a supernatural one. He talked about his house being filled with testimonies of God instead of merely crammed with stuff. Most everything in his home has a story of God’s goodness behind it.

Today I began understanding what that looks like in my own life. As seemingly small a gesture as it sounds, my 9-year-old son bought my coffee. He gave me $2 and told me to keep the change for laundry. It truly melted my heart.

As I looked at the coffee in my hand, it suddenly transformed to something more than just an iced Americano. It was a sacrificial act of love from this little boy in whom I have been investing for nine years. It was fruit. It was a sign that all the ways I’ve been sowing into my kids are actually making a difference. That’s a big deal!

At times, I feel as though nothing I do makes a difference. But then God opens my eyes to the small details of life, to the ways He blesses me, to the fruit that’s beginning to grow from the seeds of sacrificial love.

If you’re in a season of sacrificial sowing and sacrifice, what are the signs of fruit you’re beginning to see? What small thing can you thank God for today?